Landing Page Optimization

What is the first thing users see when they visit your web site? Your landing page!

  • Is your site optimized for how a user scans a web page?
  • Are the colors and images organized so there is no friction on your page?

First Impressions are Everything

You only have a few seconds to make a first impression. You want to make sure your landing pages are optimized and tested for improvements. This is critical for all landing pages, but also very important for paid search. Getting traffic to your web site is great, but it doesn't really mean all that much unless that traffic converts. You want your landing page to capture users, make them want to stay on your site, and eventually lead to a conversion. Landing Page Optimization aims to provide page content and appearance that makes the web page more appealing to your target audience, and provide a better user experience.


The eMarketing Group team has attended many Landing Page Optimization workshops and training all across the country. We will work with you on implementing best practices and testing landing page variations. We offer A/B split testing, multivariate testing, and total experience testing.

Whether your landing page needs a new call to action or a complete site overhaul, we will evaluate your site, identify the main problems and work to improve and optimize your site for maximum conversion rates.